DIY Design Lowdown: Blind Corners

19th Nov 2020

What is a blind corner?

Blind corners result from two cabinet frames adjoining together at a corner generating a space that is oddly shaped and sometimes hard to utilize. Unless your kitchen design is a true galley with one straight line of cabinetry, it's likely that you'll have corners to deal with.

Blind corner solutions are varied, both in design and in usefulness. In our many years of kitchen design and cabinet making we have come up with tried and true resolutions to the blind corner predicament.

The most important message we have is: Don't give up the space. When you're planning your kitchen design make sure you choose a blind corner cabinet, not a standard base cabinet. Blind corner cabinets are designed to fit into the 'lost' space, giving you options for storage, here are our favorites.

1. Keep it simple. This is the least sexy option, but it is the most budget friendly. Simply leaving your blind corner space, well blind, will still give you the storage space, it's just a little trickier to access. Store seasonal or seldom used items in this space, and consider putting in a tap light so that you can see when you need to grab things. 

2. Add a Magic Corner. Now we're getting fancy. When you open a blind corner cabinet with a Magic Corner installed, everything inside the cabinet comes into full view within seconds. This is achieved when the front baskets, closely followed by the rear baskets, travel along with the door and entirely outside of the cupboard as you open it. You’re essentially pulling out the entire shelving unit in one, fluid movement.

3. Add a Le Mans Corner. This unit is similar to the Magic Corner in that it brings the entire contents of the cabinet out for easy access; however, instead of separate baskets, there are two peanut shaped trays: One on the top and one on the bottom. These durable trays are uniquely shaped to swing easily and smoothly out of the corner cabinet and into full view. Pull out whichever tray you need at the moment; they each move separately, unlike the Magic Corner, which moves as a single unit. Fun fact: the unique shape of the Le Mans corner is loosely based on the shape of the Le Mans race track.

Things to consider.

1. Budget. Adding a blind corner solution like the Magic Corner or the Le Mans will up your cost by $650-$750 depending on which one you choose.

2. Space. If your kitchen is large, with ample storage space it may make sense to simply leave your blind corner cabinet as it is. However, if you're working with a smaller space and fewer cabinets then storage is a premium and being able to use every inch of it will be worth the extra expense.

3. Other cabinets. A blind corner solution needs room to open properly. The cabinet next to your blind corner cabinet needs to be the same depth or your Le Mans or Magic Corner will not have the space to function properly.

Got questions? We are here to help. Contact us to ask questions and share your plans with us for review and advice.