DIY Design Lowdown - Toe Kick

DIY Design Lowdown - Toe Kick

11th Aug 2021

What is a Toe Kick and why do I need it?

A toe kick area should be included in all base cabinetry, so that you don't, well - kick your toes. The toe kick area is the recessed space on a lower cabinet that allows room for your toes. These few inches enable your feet to rest comfortably under a small section of the cabinet, so that you can stand close to the countertop without having to hunch over (or kick your toes).

Foundation cabinetry uses smart and easy leg levelers for all our base cabinetry. These handy legs adjust up or down to cover any discrepancies in your floor and ensure your cabinets are level.  We place the front leg levelers 4 1/2" back to allow for toe kick space.

Here's where things get fun. We also make toe kick cover pieces that match your cabinetry perfectly, hide those adjustable legs and give your cabinetry a built-in, custom feel.

We make the Toe Kick covers in color matched 8' lengths, they are ready to be cut to size, and scribed to the floor if necessary. All the required hardware is included. Easy peasy, and no sore toes.